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Pound the Pavement for Energy

At some point in the day everyone feels a bit of an energy slump, and that could happen at around 3:00 in the afternoon, 11:00 in the morning, or it could be just after waking up, when the eyes simply don’t want to engage with the rest of the body. Of course, this is normal, and energy slumps are simply part and parcel of everyday life; having said that, there are many ways to boost your energy, and give you a shove towards productivity and a more alert state of body and mind overall.

We all know that exercise is fantastic for our body. It gets our blood pumping and increases oxygen to the brain. That in turn wakes us up and makes us feel more alert, while also giving us a mood boost. Now, you don’t have to hit the gym and run ten miles on the treadmill, or pound the cross trainer for half an hour, to gain the same benefits. Many people find that heading out for a short walk, just 10 or 20 minutes, can have the same beneficial effects in the short term.

Feeling lacking in energy? Head outside for a stroll!

If you want to double or even triple the benefits of your short energy boosting stroll, head outside during a sunny day and let your skin absorb that all-important vitamin D. This is a fantastic way to boost your levels in the most natural way, while also giving your body that energy boost you may need when you feel a slump. You don’t need to walk for miles, and you don’t have to walk particularly fast either, but an outdoor walk around the block is enough to get your blood pumping, oxygen levels increased, your mood on the up, and your energy levels soaring.

Of course, exercise in any guise is also fantastic for boosting self-esteem and confidence, and when used as part of a good quality diet, it can help weight loss too. These are all major positives for that quick walk around the blood during your lunch break at work or in the evening when the sun is setting. Add a friend into the fore and chat as you walk; this is another way to boost mood as well as energy. Walking with someone else may likely mean you will walk further to the conversation going. As time passes, you may even pick up speed. If you go alone, spend time focusing your mind, enjoying nature, and basically ground yourself after a long and busy day.

The advantages of a short walk

Let’s sum it all up. Basically, a 20-minute walk has a lot of benefits besides boosting energy:

  • Fresh air helps to blow away the cobwebs and refocus the brain – this is especially useful during that mid-afternoon energy slump we all seem to suffer from occasionally.

  • Any physical activity is known to increase the heart rate and boost your energy levels naturally and healthily.

  • Walking is basically a low impact form of exercise, which is accessible to many, even those with health problems which would prevent any high impact cardio exercise, in the gym for instance.

  • Exercise, especially gentle walking, can help you get better quality sleep, which is the most natural way to cut down on fatigue and tiredness during the day. Getting the right number of sleep hours is imperative for good energy levels throughout the day.

  • Gentle exercise of any kind can also help to normalize glucose levels, insulin levels, and leptin levels. This is fantastic for health, may reduce your risk for diabetes, and can help prevent against other health problems, such as heart issues.

  • You will find that your mood is instantly brighter once you arrive back home or at work after your stroll too.

Put simply, a short walk around the block, around the park, or down the street can do wonders for your energy levels when you feel that slump occurring, so put on your most comfortable shoes and get pounding those pavements!

Live, Love, Chat & Eat

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